Alton Gansky

The team has traveled the world, faced unbelievable dangers, seen what others have only seen in nightmares. Now, Tank, Brenda, Andi, Daniel, and Chad face their greatest challenge ever—a challenge that might cost them everything. Trapped in a tunnel deep below the Antarctic ice, Tank must lead his friends in an impossible mission. Picking up where INTO THE BLUE left off, the team must overcome their own fears, the dark, and a soulless being as old as the Earth itself. Survival is doubtful; success is a must. The future depends on it.

This is the most intriguing little book you will ever read. 

Amazon Reviewer


Unique and interesting characters, fast-moving action, and mysterious happenings. I started reading and couldn't stop until I finished the story. Now I'm looking forward to the next ones to see how the story continues. Great story for teens through adults.

S.T. Maass


(cue drum roll . . .)  


We have been happily self-publishing the Harbingers series for a couple of years now, but the weak link in our grand plan has always been distribution--how do we make these books available in concrete book stores so millions of people can see them? 

So we are happy to announce that Bethany House Publishers has agreed to publish the Harbingers series (books 1-12 for now) . This will help us get the books out to a larger audience. 

So if you're having trouble finding books 1-12, stay tuned . . . the Bethany House versions are on the way! And in the mean time, books 13-20 will be available on Amazon. 

Enjoy the adventure! 


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